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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yep, another busy weekend!
We had the best weather! So got lots of things done. Waxed the last side of the motor home, cleaned the inside, and stocked it with supplies for the next trip. Weeded and deadheaded some of the flowerbeds, Sprayed the lawn for weeds, and sprayed the paths too.
Not much luck with catching any more rabbits, but did catch this little fella.

And he was not a happy camper! This is a fairly young possum. You can tell his size in relation to the apple in the trap. Opened up the doors, and he just sat there. So I left him and checked later, he was gone. Caught him in the trap the very next day also! Stupid animals!
This morning we went for a walk in Delta townships newest park.

Hawk Meadow Park. It has over 5 miles of trails. We walked the 2 mile one for starters. A real nice park!
Very wooded with a pond in the back. Here's Craig on the floating path.
They float the path on barrels. I don't know why they didn't just put in permanent posts.
But was a nice walk. We'll go back to do other trails.
We're off friday for Indiana Dunes State Park for the holiday weekend. Won't have wi-fi,
so will not be able to post till we're back.


  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    You guys have a good weekend and a safe trip. :)

    *hugs and Love*


  2. I just found Hawk Medow Park yesterday! Nick and I will have to check it out.

    What is it about the Lansing area and Hawks? Hawk Island Park? Hawk Medow Park?

  3. the little possum is a cute, but forgetful lil guy

  4. When I saw read about the opossum (getting trapped but refusing to leave when you freed him), I not only recalled that it would coincide with the whole "playing 'possum (i.e., dead)" thing in their defense mechanism, but the crazy characters in "Ice Age: the Meltdown". I fell in love with those guys.

    Have a great trip!