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Friday, August 24, 2007

I said....enough already!

We have had a week of non stop rain! As of today, we have had just shy of 5 inches since last Saturday!! We lost power last night during the most recent storm. Was out over 8 hours! Went out at about 7:15pm. Around 7:30 we decided it wasn't coming back on, so we gathered up some snacks and beverages, and went out to the motor home. Started up the generator, turned on the air and TV, and enjoyed the rest of the evening in there.

We've had almost the normal amount of rain for July and August in just one week!
Thankfully, we don't have a basement, so we don't have to worry about flooding.
But I'm not getting any yard work done either!
We did manage to mow the yard today before we got the next deluge. Another 3/4 of an inch.
And a tornado hit just south west of here.
Now back to the yard.
I wanted to take a pic of this flower before the Japanese beetles ruined it.

This is called Copper King. It's a perennial Hibiscus. The flowers are almost 12 inches across! The leaves are a reddish green. And it's one of the few hardy Hibiscus that are multi-colored.

But this is what happens to them.....

the damn Japanese Beatles.

They shred them like lace.

See the little bugger in the middle?

But that's living with nature I guess.

Thanks to all the rain,
we have spores growing in the yard.
I found a mushroom in my shade garden.
It is huge!
I've never seen one this big!
It's the size of my hand!
Anyone want to buy it?
Any way, it's been very busy at work,
which is why I haven't posted.
very busy.....very busy......


  1. Honey, you boys do need to get out a little more if you've never seen one that big.
    I like how this flower looks vaguely like a Rose of Sharon......

  2. Joseph8:52 AM

    I can appreciate your frustration, Wayne. This August has broken a record for the most rainfall here. On Thursday alone we had almost four inches of rain. I,too, was lucky that I was able to cut our grass before the heavy rain, but now I'm hoping to get it done again before the next showers. Your twelve inch hibiscus is beautiful! Stay dry!

  3. it's plenty dry in northeast georgia!

    smiles, bee

  4. Anonymous7:25 PM

    And HOT in Georgia, too, lol. Just like Florida.
    Hey, Bro. At least you don't have any puffballs in your yard. ;)
    Does your hibiscus grow from seed?



  5. haha - I blogged about one of those big flowers on a recent trip to the Cloisters in Manhattan.