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Sunday, August 19, 2007

recall, recall

Wednesday I received a recall letter for my 2001 Ford Ranger pickup.
I thought it was strange to receive a recall with my truck being
6 years old, but upon reading it I soon found out why. Apparently there could be a
problem with the cruise control.

But even scarier was this
paragraph I circled.
"Until you have the recall service performed,
do not park your vehicle
near any structures or building."
Apparently this thing could leak
and cause an under hood fire!
Then Craig mentioned that our
2002 motor home is on a ford chassis,
and could even be a 2001 chassis.
So I called the Customer assistance Center,
Gave them my Vin # and sure enough!
it's been recalled too!
So, since we've worked all week,
We are taking them in first thing Monday morning. Providing they don't burn up before then!

On a happier note.


If you remember from
this post, A rabbit got in a had babies.
Well, with so much to eat,
it's very difficult to catch them in traps.
Some one said they had luck with apples,
so I set out 3 traps.
A raccoon knocked over 2
getting the apples,
but I got one in the 3rd!
He's still quite small, and will be deported
from the yard.
And I keep tring to get the rest.

Oh, and my eye is all better too!


  1. Yikes, and you sleep in one of your vehicles!
    I think you should make the bunny your motor home pet.

  2. You'll probably have much better luck with you recalls than you will with the rabbits. The car and campter will be once and done (we hope). :)

  3. So, what are you going to drive while the burning sensation is put to rest? Bicycle? Walk?

  4. Glad your eye is all better!
    Remember -- go EAST with your bunnies, NOT SouthWest!!!!!

    I do have a cute bunny in my yard I've named Peter. Unlike you, my yard is all grass & weeds. He keeps the weeds in the driveway under control.

    Isn't it weird how they can recall stuff that's over ten years old? I still get recall notices for my '96 Jeep, and it's been dead & gone for over a year!

  5. sure am glad you eye is better!!

    smiles, bee