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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

That was stupid!

I tell ya, I'm dangerous! But only to myself!
More on that in a minute.
Sunday, I went to Muskegon to see my Mom. Her birthday is this month. She always has a little list of things she wants me to do. She lost her internet, some file got corrupted, so I reinstalled the software for that, cut her hair, then took her out to Red Lobster, for lunch. Yummy as always! Of course I had the Salmon New Orleans, and Mom had the Blackened Catfish and a Strip Sirloin Steak. Then it was over to the VFW, for cocktails and pull tabs. It was a nice day.

Monday, I stocked the motor home for our next trip, and got the car caddy hooked up to save us time on Saturday, as we are leaving right after work.

Also I decide to try and get rid of the rabbits in the yard.
First some history.
Our back yard is surrounded with evergreens.
And woven thru those is a 3 ft. high fence of chicken wire.
This is to keep the rabbits out, mainly in the winter,
because they'll eat bushes down to the ground.
We got a rabbit in the yard this spring. I got it out and patched the hole, but apparently she had a litter, during the time she was in the yard. Now there are little rabbits all over. And of course with the chicken wire, they can't get out. Not that they would, my yard is a gourmet smorgasbord!

So I decide I would chase them out. I'd put chicken wire up around a section at a time and corral them. Then open a section of perimeter fence, and flush them out of the yard.
Sounds easy, right? ya, uh huh.
Well, I used a couple of
canes to beat the bushes and plants
to scare the little bugger the direction
I wanted him to go.
But they're still quite small and
very fast!
He would not go out the opening.
And while I was poking the bushes,
One of the canes got stuck,
and I pulled, and WHAM!
Right into my eye!
Thought I poked it right out!
But after a minute,
I realized I could still see.
It hurt, but I could see.
I'd be fine.
Later that evening
I realized my eye was red,
This morning, it looks worse.
So maybe a trip to the Doctor is in order.
I swear, every time I go out
in the yard, I injury myself somewhere!

And no, I didn't get the f#%*ing Rabbit!

An Update!
Saw the Doc, he said it was a hemotoma. Which basically is broken blood vessels. I should heal fine in a week or so. He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic in case there was a surface scratch and possible infection.


  1. Ouch...That looks quite nasty!
    You get your butt to the Doc's just to be sure!

    We have a TV commercial here about keeping rabbits out, it's why they built the great wall of China I hear... :P
    Poor bunny..they are so cute...but I understand they are a serial pest too?

  2. Gosh that doesn't look good at all!

    Maybe you need a protective shield around your entire body - when you do yard work. :-)

    Have a great day.

  3. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Oi. *hugs* Be more careful. Don't let those bunnys beat you up. ;)


  4. silly wabbits...

    i have this one that has decided it likes to dig in the mulch at the front of the house - along with the robins! every day i find more mulch on the sidewalk along the front of the house.

    he/she/it hides under the front bay window that isn't very well covered and also only eats one plant around my "buddha" in the front yard, and there are several other types with it that are not touched...

    silly wabbit...

    looks like you popped the little veins and capillaries in your eye. probably will need some antibiotic ointment to make certain no infection.

  5. Oh my god.....Red Lobster and Red Eye....all in one week? I can't believe how close you came to losingyour time maybe you'll hire a good looking shirtless boy wonder to get the rabbits out.

  6. Sorry to hear about the eye! Glad to hear it was not worse than it was.

    I know it was not funny to you, but I had to chuckle about the rabbit. A co-worker, who is most anal, spent $10K one year "rabbit proofing" his back yard (whole property was only < 1/4 acre). He was so proud and even had us all over for a barbeque to celebrate his accomplishment. No more rabbits.

    Then winter came and the snows fell. One morning he awoke to see rabbit prints all over his yard. The snow was deep enough that the rabbits could just jump over his $10K fence.

  7. Who knew bunnies could be so dangerous. I have to say that the picture of you chasing lil bunnies over your yard is funny.... shhhhhh I'm hunting wabbit!

  8. Joseph8:07 AM

    It was hard for me to even look at your eye! I'm glad it was not at serious as it looks. I, too, am frustrated with the crittters who look at our yard as a feasting ground. I'm glad that you and your Mom had such a nice day together. I know she appreciates your visits and all you do for her. Have a great trip this weekend!

  9. Now that is something I would totally do to myself, my friend! D'oh!

    I think my yard bunny is on her third litter this year.
    Peter (one I saved -- don't smack me!) must think that he is my pet or something now, because he's always right by the garage at dusk, when I go out to lock up the chickens for the night. Now I say "good night" to Peter, too. (I can tell it's the same one because he has a little dash of white on his forehead).
    Hope your eye feels better soon!

  10. so, what're you gonna do about the rabbits now? i'm thinking winter ear muffs???

  11. It is funny that your "rabbit incident" comes right on the heels of the "Unique Rabbit" joke.

    Hope you are feeling better. Eyes are so painful.

  12. ha ha, leave it to mo to save a rabbit! bless his good heart!! hope you are feeling better, i saw this after the update so i know it is okay but it looks so painful!

    smiles, bee

  13. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Good lord that looks painful!

    I hope it heals up nicely for you.