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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day weekend

We're back from our holiday.
Went to Indiana Dunes State Park.
Another great weekend, with the best weather.
Since we've been to this park before,
we always reserve the same spot.
Site 83, a spacious corner site.

Indiana and Ohio have much larger sites than
the state parks we've been to in Michigan.
But we've only been to 2 in Michigan, and 2 in Ohio,
and just one in Indiana, so it's not a real good sampling.
So I guess we'll just have to try some more!

Of course,
the main reason we go to this campground,
Is it's only a short hour's drive to Chicago!
So one day we drive into the city
for food and fun!
I must say Chicago does it up real nice.
They have flowers everywhere!
Planters on the sidewalks,
hanging baskets on the light posts, and on the sky walks.
And these massive planters on Michigan Avenue!
And of course we ate lunch at the Park Grill in Millineum Park! In the summer, the restaurant spills out into the ice rink. And becomes a massive out door cafe. Here's a view of "the bean" above and behind the restaurant. It's a massive highly polished oval like sculpture. You see the city reflected in it, no matter where you stand, or sit!
So, we had a fun relaxing weekend, and a safe one. And now I need to clean up the mo-ho for the next trip, which are becoming fewer as the camping season becomes shorter. The campgrounds start closing down beginning October, with most closed by the end of October. But we're going to try and squeeze 3 more in! Let's hope the weather holds out!
And a question.
I've been posting lately with larger pics, and smaller click-able pics. Which do you prefer. The small click-able pics get larger than the large non click-able pics. Just asking.


  1. 'another great weekend' is one of the sweetest words to both my lips and ears

  2. lovely weekend i see!! so happy for you... and as for the pics, i don't care, i just like to see them whichever way. hope you get in some great fall trips!

    smiles, bee

  3. At the beginning of last week I was at the local "major" fair with hubby & his sister, showing horses. I then contracted the flu and have been out of commission for a whole week. I'd say it looks like your weekend went far better than mine!

    Oh, and either/or on the pic sizes.

  4. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I like to see them however you take them.
    Larger is better, though. :)
    Glad you guys had a good weekend.



  5. Spot #83 sounds quite lovely. I'm surprised you ever left to go home. I'd have stayed for six months or so.
    pics? Not sure. Small is hard to see sometimes....but if I can click on them to enlarge, perfect.