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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's cookie time!

It's that time of year. Cookie time!
We only make cookies once a year.
We're not big cookie eater's
But the week before Christmas,
we set up a table in the Salon.
The staff makes goodies to
to put on the table.
Customers seem to look forward to it.
We make 4 different items for
the table. I make pressed cookies.
(top pic) A recipe I got from
my grandmother, along with
her cookie press.
Craig makes his famous
Cashew fudge!

Everyone raves about it!
It's very moist and creamy.
He has to make extra because
several of his older customers
take some home with them

I also make a seven layer
bar cookie.
I don't know why they call it
that because there are really only 6.
There are 7 ingredients.
But anyway, they are very rich.
Here, I'm putting the last layer on.
Ready for the oven.

I also make what's called Tea Cakes.
But there not a cake,
nor are they made with Tea.
But they are light and tasty!

And here I am,
putting the final touches on the
baked and cooled cookies.
Customers also bring in goodies,
so it's a week long pigfest!
But it's only once a year.

Hope everyone is enjoying the season!


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Sweet. :)
    We got about three inches of rain on Sunday.
    Woke up to 27 degrees this morning.



  2. Joseph8:54 AM

    The cookies and fudge look great, and I am sure that they are appreciated by your customers. It's very thoughtful.

  3. Wayne, how dee-lish! Like the fudge the best!

  4. Oh, and the architecture joke is VERY funny!!

  5. Lemuel10:09 AM

    Oh boy! do those look good!

  6. Wish I were closer....I'd love to drop in to the Salon for a Tea Cake...those things are delicious! Happy Holidays you guys!

  7. It all looks yummy and very festive. Sounds like you are right into the holiday spirit. Enjoy...

  8. Holy Crap! Diabetes be damned... I want some of that cashew fudge.

  9. Save some for me!!

  10. i can cook, but i suck at baking. Now I feel guilty for buying cupcakes for my office holiday party.

  11. Hi! I dropped in for a holiday visit because we both comment on Soooo-this-is-me. Greetings from Virginia. I've been in holiday baking mode lately, but I've never braved pressed cookies. Maybe I'll work my nerve up one day.
    Loved the female estate-planning tale.

  12. I love x-mas cookies, eating and making them. You're right, once a year it's ok to splurge on goodies.

  13. Steve and Warren7:32 AM

    You guys have got some really nice "cookies" there.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both of you.

    Steve and Warren