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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2008 camping schedule

I know it's only mid January,
but we've spent a good part of the weekend
putting together our 2008 camping schedule.
Like I said in the previous post,
Due to our work schedule,
and the fact campgrounds fill up
quickly on popular weekends,
we sat down with our work schedule,
and came up with a tentative camping schedule.
We are planning on 13 long weekend trips.

Our first of the season, will be in early April to St Louis, Missouri.
Next, early May to Indianapolis, Indiana.
2 in June, Chicago, and Saugatuck, Michigan.
2 in July, Petoskey, Michigan, and another Saugatuck MI.
3 in August, Cedar Point Amusement Park near Sandusky, Ohio, Chicago again, and a 3rd, yet to be determined.
2 in September, Saugatuck, and another yet to be determined.
2 in October, both yet to be determined.

We have 3 to Saugatuck, because it's a fun summer tourist town, and a fun campground, and it's not very far from Lansing.

Now, if I have any readers that live in or near any of these destinations, or may be going to any of them, send me an e-mail, and maybe we can get together for drinks or lunch. Always fun to meet in person, people from cyberspace!


  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    In your list of weekend camping, you missed San Diego...shucks...was hoping to get to meet you. Oh well, maybe next year...enjoy!

  2. Lemuel8:46 AM

    Looks like a great summer ahead for you and Craig!

  3. nothing near podunk ga??

    smiles, bee

  4. This must be how you boys keep yourself sane inthose long winter months...planning out your summer schedule. April will be here before you know it!

  5. I've heard about the campground activities. They sound fun. Although, Bruce is not about the socialization so I doubt we ever walk that path. hehe
    Do you guys actually ride rides at Cedar Point???? hehehe You two are something else.