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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Craig update

Well, I finally got Craig home.
This was Craig's first Colonoscopy. I've had two.(both clear) My dad died at 59 from Colon Cancer. He was diagnosed at 53. Took out a tumor the size of a baseball.
I went to a doctor at age 43 for a Sigmoid. He said my dad could easily have had polyps at 43, so he wanted a Colonoscopy over a Sigmoidoscopy.(the first looks thru the entire large intestine, the second only the lower third)
So, I've been on Craig to have one since he was 50. But he keep putting it off. Our insurance wouldn't cover much of it with our large deductible and co-pay. Then he had a customer whose husband died last fall of Colon Cancer, also at the age of 59. I finally got him to schedule it. But it still wasn't easy. His family physician thought the test was over done, but referred him at his request. Then at his consultation, the doctor, not seeing any symptoms, wondered why he wanted it done.
But finally agreed to do it.
We arrived at the out patient clinic at the scheduled time, 1 1/2 hours early. They checked him in, filled out all the paper work, and took him to a waiting room where he put on one of those real bad gowns.
They hooked him to an IV and we waited for his "turn".
They came and said the doctor was ahead of schedule, and would take him early. That's always good news! In and out as fast as possible!
So at 1:30, I went to the lounge to wait.
And wait I did.
My last Colonoscopy took a total of 1/2 hour. From the time I left Craig, till he was back at my side.
An hour later, I was wondering what was taking so long.
An hour and a half later, I was freaking out a bit, thinking what is going on, is there something terribly wrong?
And of course, I can't ask the little old volunteer lady for help, she doesn't know anything.
So I keep waiting..........................................And all these horrible thoughts go thru my head. I know, I'm a little compulsive about time schedules.
And 3:15......., I get the call to come back.......
I get see the doctor. Surprised, he says, "we found a lot of polyps! ( I just knew something had to be going on for as long as it was taking)
5 to be exact. All very small. We'll send them to the lab, but I believe they'll be benign".
So..... Craig should be okay, and he'll thank me for "forcing" him to see a doctor.
Hopefully the tests will be okay.
He kept saying all evening,
"I can't believe I had 5 polyps?"
"I don't have a family history"?
I remind him, his dad died at 43 from a heart attack,who knows if he had any. And genetics is only one of the ways. He could just be a freak of nature.(hehehe)
And to all my readers out there, remember, Early detection is the key to catching this horrible disease! Colon Cancer is the easiest to cure when caught early, and even easier to prevent if caught earlier! Not all polyps become cancerous, but all Colon Cancer is from cancerous polyps!
So if your 50 or over, Get checked!
Oh, I was gonna post pics, but I got a lot of negative feed back on that idea. (not to mention, Craig said absolutely NOT!) So If you are a twisted type and want to see them, e-mail me. They're really cool!


  1. so glad you got him to go! great going!

    smiles, bee

  2. Joseph10:44 PM

    Wayne, I'm glad that you convinced Craig to do this, and I'm sure he will feel the same way. I know you will feel better when the doctor's certainty that the polyps are benign is confirmed.

  3. davidz5:07 AM

    Glad you got him to go. My first colonoscopy was at 45 after my doc spotted a polyp doing a sig. They removed a total of 4, all benign. My second one there were 2 more, again all benign. I'm so happy you are stressing the importance of this procedure. My doc insists that everyone should have one at age 50 and every 5 years thereafter...think its time for me again soon.

  4. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I remember my first one. You'd think they could find something better for you to drink than that disgusting gritty stuff they gave me.

    Ken had his done by the VA and they gave him something that was actually chilled and you could add peach flavor Crystal Light to. Lucky him. :)

    Good for you getting Craig to go.



  5. Wow...You know I am probably one of many that are totally naive when it comes to male health issues and until you read about someone who has had personal dealings one just plods along thinking nothing about what could possibly happen down the track. So thankyou for briging this to my attention and I am glad to hear you got Mr Stubborn off to the clinic as well...hugs to you both and hope everything is wonderful....

  6. If there was ever validation of your well-placed concern, you have it now! Kudo's for you for pushing the test despite the reluctance of the doctors ! (and on that point it only reinforces my thoughts about the current state of the medical community.) Kudos to Craig for going through with it!

    I will keep good thought going your way that the polyps test benign.

    FWIW, the found polyps in my first and removed them. They were benign. I have had none since then, but we shall see what December will bring.

    As for the pictures, they never offered me any, but during the first test, I "woke up" enough to look up and watch them "touring" me. Kind of cool.

    Again, best wishes to Craig, now that the test is over, for good results on the polyp tests. Keep him in the loop now for regular check-ups!

  7. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Kudos to you Wayne for getting him to go, and BIG kudos to Craig for going....just know everything will be o.k!!!
    Now check out that Zetia thing....

  8. Good thing you got him to go. My husband has had three Colonoscopies in the last two years with another one scheduled in May. He had one big pre cancerous polyp and now needs closer follow up. Thing is, he can't get his brother to go have one even though his doc said everyone on his family should be checked. Some people are just not smart are they...ciao

  9. Anonymous9:18 AM

    For the life of me I can't understand why people are afraid of a colonoscopy, especially if it means the difference between life and death. My partner of 31 years finally had one done at 54. They found one, "likely benign the doc said". Wasn't the case. By the time they got him back in for a surgery at the site and an iliostomy, it had already spread to his lymph system. 4 months later, it spread to his liver and he has now had two liver surgeries with about 30% of his liver left now. Chemo has been ongoing for 2 years. Don't fuck around with this stuff. Get checked and if you care about someone, keep on them until they do.

  10. Wow...I truly am glad that Craig had this done. With what happened to Bruce's friend, I definately do NOT want you or Craig going through it.
    HUGS to you both. Love you guys.

  11. I agree with you 100% about getting checked. My biological father died of colon cancer so I have a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy every few years (no more than 5 in between). As you say it's much easier to treat with early detection. I hope that all of Craig's test come back benign.

  12. absolutely agree with this was and is the best thing to do. one just never knows. a close friend had colon cancer that was caught because of having a colonoscopy and he's fine now after going through the treatments. this is the only way to discover it.

    as we're on the subject, today's New York Times had a really informative article today about a type of lesion in the colon that was previously thought to not be dangerous but the chances are greater that it will cause malignancy. rather than a polyp that is an extension or little node, this one is more of a dimple/depression and is very easily missed, especially if you have not done a thorough job the night before.

    you can read about it here:

    (you may have to have a login account, but it's free)

    they can also detect other things as well. last one i had they discovered that i had diverticulitis. no one ever told me before. i just have to watch what i eat - no small seeds, etc that we can't digest.

    i can't wait til someone invents the medical tricorder for real. it would make life so much less annoying...? painful...? i'm sure the insurance companies won't like it though...

  13. Anonymous9:18 PM

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  14. Wow, good thing he got checked!
    Plus, it's fun to say the word "polyp" over and over again.

  15. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Haven't had one in 10 years, now you got me worried. At 60 and after reading your experiences, I am thinking I better look into it again. Thanks for your blog...
    San Diego

  16. Nothing like good reminders from good friends. Who have been there and done that! thanks. and very happy that all is well.

  17. We are so glad that everything is going well.

    Preventative medicine is what it is all about - taking care of one's self.