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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It was good

Yes! We had just the best weather for this time of year! Low 70's (should be about 60) every day of my weekend. (Sun-Tues) And I took advantage of every minute. The big project this year is removing most of 3 perennial beds that have been giving me fits. They are the ones surrounding the fountain in this pic from last year.

They may look okay in the pic, but being in the middle of the yard, they're always dry, and they're always full of grass and weeds. You can see in the pic, the rest of my beds circle the perimeter of the yard. And I want to make the fountain more of a focal point, since it is in the middle of the yard.
I've removed 2 of the beds so far, and either potted up the plants for my plant sale, or transplanted them to other beds. I'll show a before and after pic when I'm done. So far 120 plants potted up for my sale, with 5 weeks to go. Should have more than last year (which was 230).
And now back to work in the Salon. I need some rest!


  1. Even so the concept of that garden is great. It looks so peaceful to be in.

  2. Hello, found your garden via Midwest Gardener and it looks really great. It was interesting to read that you are removing three flowerbeds which - by looking at the pics- are looking so nice. We just re-arranged our flowerbeds a bit, too. Good luck at your plant sale. /Andrea from Germany

  3. Oh Oh Oh Oh Wayne it is just so beautiful. Gosh you guys have an amazing property....Well done, it really is magnificent. xoxo

  4. I'm always saying that I have to return to my real job in order to get some rest! Your garden looks amazing. I would love to see a larger photo. I'm looking forward this year to see what you guys grow. Don't work too hard!

  5. Gasp!* Oh my, absolutely beautiful Wayne. I wish we had the space to do something like that. Even if we did have the space I'm not sure we could pull it all off. How long has that all been planted? Did you guys do it yourselves? Wow!