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Friday, May 23, 2008

funny friday

Work has been nuts this week. They're re paving the entire parking lot! Front and back! So we're on the phone every day, telling customers where to park when they come in. Looks like another week to go. but it will be real nice when it's over. The lot was a mess! Although we don't look forward to the special assessment we'll get when it's done. ouch!
But anywho, here's this weeks ff.....
The population of this country is 300 million.
160 million are retired.
That leaves 140 million to do the work.

There are 85 million in school.
Which leaves 55 million to do the work.

Of this there are 35 million employed by the federal government.
Leaving 15 million to do the work.

2.8 million are in the armed forces.
Which leaves 12.2 million to do the work.

Take from that total the 10.8 million people who work for state and city Governments, And that leaves 1.4 million to do the work.

At any given time there are 188,000 people in hospitals.
Leaving 1,212,000 to do the work.

Now, there are 1,211,998 people in prisons.

That leaves just two people to do the work.

You and me.

And there you are,

Sitting on your ass,

At your computer, reading jokes.

Nice. Real nice.

Have a great weekend!


  1. While you're up, would you mind bring me coffee and a danish.



  2. hee heeeeeeee

    Good luck with the lot this next matter how nice when it's done...ANNOYING!

  3. Well, you've certainly started off our holiday weekend spite of the facts that I'm working all weekend and it's pouring rain (not highly unusual for Oregon). Have a good one!

  4. Anonymous2:26 PM


    You guys have a good weekend. :)



  5. Would it help if I said I was thinking about work while I read it...:P

  6. okay, I'm not really a joke person but that one made me AND Jamie laugh.