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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

our 3rd trip

Yep! just got back from our
3rd mo-ho trip of the season. (and no wi-fi)
So far, mother nature has not
been very nice.(unlike last year)
But when you travel,
you make the best of it.
And we did.
This trip was to Mounds State Park.
About 40 miles north of Indianapolis, IN.

And of course, being that close,

we drove into the city one day.
Indy is very large! much bigger
than I thought it would be.
And it has a very vibrant downtown.
And at the center is the very recognizable
State Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument.
And Indy is also the State Capitol of Indiana.
Click the pic to see Craig.

And they have a downtown mall

called the City Center mall.
About 3 blocks south of the Monument.
With this massive glass domed room
covering an entire intersection.
Linking the mall with hotels and
parking garages.
And of course it helps that the
Conseco Fieldhouse,(their basket ball arena)
the brand new Lucas Oil Field, (football) their new baseball stadium, and the convention center, are all within a short walk.
Also nearby is the Indianapolis Zoo, which we wanted to see, but the parking was so bad,(it was a Saturday afternoon) we decided to come back Sunday morning for that.
So we went up town to the Broad Ripple Neighborhood, and had a nice late lunch at one of the many outdoor cafes in the area.
It was a fun day. I'll tell you more about our trip in another post. Right now, it's outside to work in the yard!


  1. early, exactly, do you go outside to work in the yard? EARLY! lol
    Sounds like a nice trip! You got some good pictures of the downtown area. Very cool

  2. I should write a post about my trip to Indy - with my boss from hell.

  3. That one shot reminds me of the Michigan State Capitol-- A bit smashed up against tall buildings. Were you able to see Not-My-Man Mitch?

  4. davidz8:17 PM

    Its been a long time since I was in Indy, but was there for about 3 weeks...seemed like a pretty cool that the same mall that used to be the train station? That was pretty cool...there was an Embassy Suites connected to it and on the second floor they had old passenger cars fixed up as special suites...I always wanted to go back there.