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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Wednesday rant

What's wrong with this picture! No, not the actual pic of my truck. More on that later.
Okay, I'm in the mood for a good rant today, so be warned!
I just picked up my truck yesterday from the ford dealer,
where I had an issue I thought stemming from last fall when I had my brakes done. Last fall I took in in for a grinding noise, and left with $1400 worth of repairs. I needed brake pads, rotors, bla bla bla. (I wish I new more about cars, but I don't)
Well, of course this issue was unrelated to the complete brake job I had last year, even though it started right afterwards. When I came to a stop, the petal would give, like I had air in the lines, or something like that. I took it in last January, and it wouldn't do it for them. (isn't that how it always is?) So they told me to drive it until it did it on a more regular basis. So I finally take it in, since it was doing it all the time, and they tell me I have a cracked bla bla, and it's in the rotor assembly, bla bla, it's part of the anti-lock braking system, bla bla, and it'll be $582. And what can I say? I haven't a clue what he just said. He could have been speaking Chinese for all I knew, so of course I said okay.......
Now this truck is a 2001 Ford Ranger Extended Cab, 4 wheel drive, with only 26000 miles. I have just spent $2000 the last year on repairs. Craig has a 1998 Honda Accord, that's never been in the shop! What is wrong with this picture!
And the unions wonder why people buy foreign cars?
Now Craig's Honda was actually assembled here in the states, so why can they build cars that last and American manufacturers can't. And it's not just the repairs! The front seat is ripping, and the tailgate is rusting thru! And it's not just this truck! I had two Chevy's before this and both were falling apart within 5 years! And I don't put that much mileage on them! My Ranger only has 26000 miles! Shouldn't parts last longer than that?
Okay, I'm done now........and no, I don't feel better for the rant, I sure could have used that $2000 elsewhere.


  1. I'm with you, Wayne! The money that I've dumped into my cars in the last year has knocked our household economy for a loop. Like you, I have many other places (like remodeling our bath) that I would have loved to have used that money for.

  2. Ok, they used the words 'rotor assembly'?? Doesn't that make it part of the work they did last Fall?
    I despise car places. It is so hard to find someone that you can trust.

  3. At some point, we just have to cut our losses and go for new (or used). The repairs on my parent's (American made) car were just the same way...lots of $$$$. I tried an American made one abotu 12 years ago...because I thought I "should." It was horrible. And never again...until, hopefully, things change.

  4. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Ken would tell you it's because it's a Ford, lol.
    It might have been warrantied. No way to know.
    I agree with Lori. You might need a more reputable dealer.


  5. That stinks - though it's not just american cars - I had a Toyota that was constantly in the shop, I finally just got rid of it since it was costing so much to keep it running.

  6. I have had good luck with Nissans, it is the only brand I'll buy. Do you wonder if these mechanics can see us coming (know what I mean? :) )

  7. Anonymous6:29 PM

    It sounds like the brakes are being activated too frequently. Do you tow this truck with your RV? If you do, are you sure you have the brake system set up properly? I drove my F150 for 114,000 miles before I needed a brake job, (pads, rotors). Do you ride the brake?

  8. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Sorry to hear about your brakes on the Ford. I haven't bought an American car since 1981 (Oldsmobile) and it was an absolute piece of junk. I switched to Nissans then to Mercedes then to Land Rover (I'm a car nut).

    In '96 and in '99, I bought Jeep Grand Cherokee's.... AMC owned the '96 and Daimler/Chrysler owned the '99 and both ran OK but not as good as my Nissans (both Maxima's).

    The lil' Honda that we pull behind the MoHo is perfect! (our first Honda). It does everything you would want it to do and gets great gas mileage.