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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip #11

We've just returned from our 11th trip of the season.
Just a mere 3 more to go.
This trip took us to Canada for the first time
in our mo-ho.
We went to Pinery Provincial Park,
in Ontario, Canada. It was only about
a 3 hour drive from Lansing.
We wondered how long it'd take to get thru customs,
but there was almost no wait, (4 cars ahead of us)
and just 4 quick questions, and we were thru!

And anyone who lives in the northern
states knows it rained the entire weekend!
And not the scattered shower,
just rain, rain, and more rain!
But we didn't go for the weather,
so as usual, we find a way to have a good time.
Pinery Park has to be one of the largest
we've been to. This park is enormous!
With 5 separate camping areas.
It took us 4 different trys getting
into our site. They are all pull-thru sites,
put not well marked, all grass or sand,
and one electrical tower for 2 sites.
And our tower was way over by the next site,
so we had to maneuver the mo-ho around,
trying to get as close as possible.
We had just enough cord.!
Made a note, get another cord!
So, what do you do when it rains all day?
We're not that outdoorsy.
We go to the Casino!
They have one in Sarnia, so off we went!
And as usual, I don't know why we
keep going to them, (cause we always lose!)
but since we know that, we don't take
much money with us. We did have a very nice
lunch there looking out on the St Clair River,
which separates the US from Canada.
The second pic shows the view from our indoor seats.
The our door seating area was closed due to rain!
The first pic is giant windmills in the fields
on the way to the park.
The next 3 pics is the city of Stratford,
were we went the next day with off and on steady rain!
Stratford was a very picturesque town!
And after a delisious lunch,
(I had a shrimp,olive salad sandwich!)
we drove up to Goderich,
about an hour north of the park,
hopefully to see some breaks in the rain.
Ya, right! The only sun we saw was when
we were packing up to leave the next morning.
So not many pics this trip.
We were anxious to see how it would be
getting back across the border.
It's easier to get out of the states, than back in.
But the lines were fairly short.(6 cars ahead of us)
And the customs agent asked a few
questions and let us through!
It was almost too easy!
But I imagine, have passports helped!
Could you imagine how long we'd been there
if they wanted to search the entire mo-ho?
And they really need to put in wider lanes!
I hit the passenger mirror on a post and bent it down.
Fortunately, it's on a swivel base and was able to push it back up. Craig was not happy. He keeps telling me to slow down! I should let him drive this big bus! It's not like I tried to hit it on purpose!
So anyway, we made it there and back safely, so a good trip!


  1. You were let into Canada quick because I called ahead of time and told them you were coming, sorry I couldn't do anything about the rain! ;P

  2. We have our passports at the ready. We were planning a trip to Canada (NS) last year, but moved instead.

  3. I'm still in shock over the interior shots of the mo-ho!! It's nearly the size of our Manhattan apartment!! And nicely decorated!!

  4. How cool! Looks beautiful up there. :)