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Sunday, October 26, 2008

It ain't lookin pretty!

Doesn't this place look so nice?

Here we are on trip #14. Our last trip for the season. The map below was taken on Friday. We don't have wi-fi here, so this post was written before we left. But this was what we were to be expecting. And it wasn't looking good.

The white arrow is our destination. Ludington State Park. That's the top pic. And since this was our last chance to use our mo-ho this year, we said screw the weather and let's go! After all, we're not 'tent' camping. We have a house on wheels! So we can either stay in our grounded home in crappy weather, or we can stay in our mobile home in a different place. Besides there's got to be indoor places we can go. There must be bars in Ludington. And isn't there a Casino nearby? hmmmm...........

See you when we return!


  1. If it rained there like it rained here yesterday, there would be no way to camp except in a mo-ho. I hope you got to enjoy the beautiful sunshine that we are having today.

  2. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Exactly! As long as you have heat, who cares? :)

    Hope you have a great time!



  3. the top pic looks a little like Holland America's private island in the Bahamas....Half Moon Cay. Delicious place to spend a lifetime! Well, right after Michigan, that is.....

  4. Anonymous8:23 PM

    That top pic, looks surreal...even if the weather is not great, you can say...been there, done that...these memories will help carry you through those cold spells, in will be worth every moment...relish life's moments..and all the pleasures, your RV has given you!
    All the best,
    Ken of San Diego

  5. davidz7:21 PM

    Hope the weather wasn't as cold and crappy as it was here! I'm not so sure about hitting the bars in Ludington...

  6. Hope you don't get this crazy snow there, or hope you have a shovel!

    Think of ways to keep warm!;)