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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ludington State Park

Good morning!
We've returned from our 14th and
final weekend trip of the season.
Our last trip took us to Ludington State Park.
Just over 3 hours from Lansing.
This park is the State's busiest.
And the hardest to get a reservation for.
We got in because it was so late
in the season.
The first pic is our car entering the Park.
You can see some of the sand dunes behind.
And here I am at our campsite.
The park was about half full.
Busier than we expected, considering
the weather forecast, which was calling
for a rain/snow mix. But most of
the campers were in rv's.
We saw only a couple of tents.
But the snow never came. We did have a lot
of wind, so kept the awning in.
But it didn't rain all weekend. It actually
wasn't bad at all. Our campground was
inside the dunes, so we were protected
from most of the wind.
Here's a pic of lake Michigan
across the dune from our campground.
We saw why this is a popular park.
It is very wooded, has 3 separate campgrounds,
and many trails through the woods and dunes.
The campgrounds sit between lake Michigan
and Hamlin Lake. So if Lake Michigan
is a little to rough, the beach at
Hamlin Lake is perfect for the kids.
Here I am at the beach house.
Craig managed not to get in any of the pics.
He can be sneaky that way.
Doesn't like his pic taken.
By Monday, the campgrounds were
virtually empty. So Monday night,
we had the entire place to ourselves.
And that's when the wildlife came out.
We saw several herds of Deer.
Most were too far for my camera.
I need a better camera!
And the last pic shows us all alone
on Monday. We had a good weekend,
and now it's time to winterize,
and store it for the long Michigan winter.
But we made 14 long weekends without
any incidents. We went to some favorite spots,
and threw in some new ones.
It was a great season! But went by
way to fast!
We even filled up on our way home for
less than last year! So we stayed within
our gas budget!
And we can spend the winter planning next year's trips.
And for those interested, your can see the rest of the pics from this trip here.


  1. It's always good to get away, and then sometimes it's even good to come back home.

    Enjoy reading your blog and your life ... so enjoyable.

  2. Wow,
    The lake looks more like an ocean!I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves.-Randy

  3. Well I'd say that was a successful season of traveling! I loved the pictures all along the way. :)