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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Legs Inn

Continuing our trip #13,
we arrived at Legs Inn a little after 11am.
Found out it didn't open till 11:30.
So we walked around and took
some pics.
Legs Inn has a very unique history.
And supposedly some very good
Polish Food! And it was closing for the season
in a couple of weeks.
It must have good food because
there was quite a line of people
showing up! And there is virtually nothing
around here. I mean there were 2 other
buildings and a church. And some
scattered houses, so these were people like us
coming from elsewhere to eat here.
Click on the link to read about this interesting place!
It was started in the 1920's, and is build completely of
material found in the area.
Inside there are all kinds of carving in the walls,
ceiling, and support columns.
I tried to get some pics of the inside, but it was fairly
dark, and I didn't want to disturb everyone with my flash.
They opened promptly on time, and we
were soon seated out in the garden for lunch,
with an expansive view of the lake.
We both ordered a combo sampler.
It came with Hunter's Stew, 3 Pierogi,
and Polish Sausage. It was very tasty!
We both especially liked the Hunters Stew!
It's always fun to try new food!

After lunch, we drove on up to Wilderness State Park.

Up on the western tip of Lake Michigan.

Just to check it out for a possible future trip.

Then it was back to the campground, a nice fire,

and Chicken on the grill with a homemade pasta salad.

And the following morning, pack up, and back to Lansing.


  1. with fried cabbage? hmmm.

  2. Wayne,
    It's been such a pleasure to go with you guys on these trips via the 'puter. I'm glad the two of you have enjoyed your summer.

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Wow, what a great sounding weekend...fabulous scenery and food.
    Ken, of San Diego

  4. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Hey Guys, glad to see you are still enjoying the RVing lifestyle!

    Great pics by the way.

    Mark-and-Craig-in-Palm Springs.

  5. Ew...that Hunter's Stew does NOT look appetizing...

    But the place looks gorgeous!

  6. Whaaaa! I want to come too! Lol!