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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday post

Good morning everyone!
Sunday was a perfect fall day! Craig and I spent the better part cutting down more perennials, (I'm about 3/4th's done!) and burning up a large pile of branches that have accumulated during the summer. The leaves are changing fast here, and starting to fall. We got the furnace on in the mo-ho to keep the pipes from freezing. It has gotten close to freezing a couple of nights. We still want to take one more weekend trip before we winterize and store it.
Monday I restocked the mo-ho for our next trip, then rained moved in so I played on the puter, while Craig did laundry and bookwork. Today, Craig has a regular doctor's appt, followed by an eye doctor appt. He broke his frames last week. We taped them up, but you know, that doesn't work well. And since it's been over a year, they won't give him new glasses with out a new exam.
Well that's all I got right now.


  1. I hate the thoughts of winter coming, my least favorite time of the year. It won't be too long before we have to start cutting some things back as well. -Randy

  2. One more trip! WEEHAW!

    Good luck to Craig at the drs. today. :)