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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just another day

Yesterday was a long one at work, and today looks to be the same. I came home in the dark yesterday. Yuck! Soon I'll be going to and from work in the dark. I think that's what I dislike most about winter.
In other news....
Last Friday when I got to work, The thermostat was set at 68, but it was reading 64. We had no heat. Well, after making sure it wasn't the thermostat, and we hadn't blown a fuse I called the repair man. He came and found some part not working, had to go get a replacement. Then found another bad part, (it's a really old rooftop unit) and got it running again. He said they'd send an invoice in the mail. I knew right then it was going to cost us if he didn't want to give us a bill. Well, yesterday it came.......$860.00! How do they justify that kind of price? And when you run a business, you don't have time to shop around for estimates, you gotta keep the business running!
And in other news....
Craig ordered his new glasses to a tune of $440.00.
And still more news.....
Last Saturday when I went to work, It was about 7:15 in the morning, my first appt. was 7:30. I'm driving down this 4 lane road with no streetlights. So I drive in the inside lane so as not to possibly hit anyone walking on the side of the road because it's so dark and the headlights don't shine that far. Anyway I'm going along, and all of a sudden, there's this dead dear, all mangled up laying right in the road in front of me. I slam on the brakes, but too late. I go right over the top of him. I hear this scrapping sound, and hope it didn't do any damage. I get to work and wait for daylight so I can see if there's any. As I look, there's this horrid smell, and bit's of stuff hanging underneath. But it appears no damage. So when Craig gets to work later, (he always comes in a little early for his coffee) I hand him the keys and ask him to take it to the car wash, and get the under body flush. He gives me this weird look, so I tell him the whole story. Good thing it wasn't a buck! But then, by the time I hit it, it had been run over a lot!
Well, that's enough rambling on for now.


  1. That's how it was when we were in Alaska. Got to work in the dark, come home in the dark.
    What sort of glasses did Craig need and where did he buy them? We usually get ours at a Walmart vision center. Some Sam's clubs have vision centers too.

    Sorry to hear about the deer.


  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww! Rerun roadkill! Yuck! It alwasy seems to be something taking that hard earned money out of our pockets doesn't it? I feel for you, Jamie and I have been hit really hard the past month and a half too. I think right now,with the way gas prices have been and stuff everyone is pretty much in the same boat. Maybe the weekend will bring a happy change of luck!-Randy

  3. You've been socked with a number of repair bills lately. I hope it soon turns around for you.

    It is amazing how roadkill reeks its revenge!