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Friday, October 10, 2008

Ouch!!! and our funny friday

Well, the electrician fixed our sign at work. And he had to get new bulbs for it. For some stupid reason, the sign company put in very special fixtures, that holds two 5 ft bulbs, and two 6 ft bulbs. Some sort of high output for brighter lighting. So now, sit down and hear the price for 4, that's right, just 4 bulbs.............$122.00!!!!
I said are you sh*#in me?
He showed me the purchase receipt. He only charged us what he paid for them. They are unusual bulbs that last for years. He asked when we last replaced them and I said this was the first time. The sign went up 11 years ago. He said that's why they're expensive. You get over 10 years of use. Oh well, what are you gonna do.
So now, on with our ff.........

The importance of exercising........

I have to walk early in the morning,
before my brain figures out what I'm doing..

I joined a health club last year,
spent about 400 bucks.
Haven't lost a pound.
Apparently you have to go there.

I like long walks,
especially when they are taken
by people who annoy me.

The only reason I would take up walking
is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.

Walking can add minutes to your life.
This enables you at 85 years old
to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing
home at $7000 per month.

The advantage of exercising every day
is so when you die, they'll say,
'Well, he looks good doesn't he?'

Every time I start thinking too much
about how I look,
I just find a Happy Hour
and by the time I leave,
I look just fine!

Have a great weekend!

Oh, I almost forgot!
Today's my birthday!
Send lot's of presents!


  1. Thought you'd just sneak that last item in, did ya?

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Cash and gift cards are on the way. Happiest of days to you!

  3. Seriously, that's a great price for 11 years of service!

    Happy birthday hun. HUGS Hope it's a great one. What are you doing to celebrate?

  4. davidz6:56 PM

    Happy Birthday, Wayne! (I got a reminder earlier in the week about your birthday and knew I'd forget by today...and sure enough, I did!) Hope you have a great one.

  5. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Happy Birthday!!!


  6. Wayne,
    Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm a day late. So that makes you what? Twenty-five now?

  7. Happy Birthday!!

    Derek, John and Prince (Meow!)