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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Trip # 12 continued

On our first day of this trip,
we ventured into downtown Toledo.
As with most older cities, there is a mix
of urban decay, and urban renewal.
And as with most cities,
they've built a baseball park near the
heart of downtown,
hoping to lure more people downtown.
And they've started to rehab older
buildings for lofts and apartments.
And as with most older cities,

they're turning the river front into a pedestrian park.
And of course, we had to eat at the
famous Packo's!
If you don't know the story,
your in for a treat!
If you ever watched Mash on TV,
you'll remember the character Klinger.
He always talked about his home town
of Toledo, and of his favorite restaurant, Packo's.
So of course we had to find it.

There are several Packo's in Toledo
and we found this one downtown about a block
from the new ball park.
We had chili, their famous chili dog, and stuffed cabbage rolls.
It was delicious!
We discovered that this isn't the original,

that one was across the river in East Toledo.
We planned to hit that one also on our trip,
but didn't have the time.

Before we left downtown,
we stopped at the city market.
Lot's of fresh food to be found.
And we picked up some Zucchini for

a new recipe I found in a magazine,
Grilled Marinated Zucchini.
We cooked that on the grill with some Chicken Breasts.
It was delicious!
After we got back to the campground,

we drove over to the beach to
find kite fliers. It was fun watching them
getting these large kites into the air.
More on our trip later!


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Nice! :)



  2. Stop! Stop! Stop! Your making me hungry! Hahaha!

  3. I echo Stephen, you're making me hungry!