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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Trip # 12

Alright David Z!!!

You were absolutely right!
We've just returned from Mamuee Bay State Park.
Near beautiful Toledo Ohio.
And Lewis, my big clue was that I'd
been over this bridge twice this year,
and none of my trips have been to Minnesota.
But would love to go there sometime.
And yes Minneapolis has a new bridge too,

but not as cool as this one over the Mamuee River
near downtown Toledo.
But this was an excellent trip!
The campgrounds in Ohio, are by far,
much more spacious than Indiana or Michigan.
The first pic is our site. It was so large we could have
put in our own volley ball court.
The second pic shows how spacious
the sites were in our 'spoke'.
They had 8 'spokes'. All separated
from each other with wide nature areas.
A very large campground.
Another unusual thing about this park,
is they had a lodge, with a restaurant, lounge,
an indoor and outdoor pool,
a banquet room and meeting rooms.
They also had about 15 cottages to rent
that over looked their golf course.
We've never seen a state park with such amenities.
But it was a very large park.
You needed a car to get from the campground
to the beach or lodge.
And my last pic, Craig enjoying
an early evening fire.
The weather was off and on.
One day cloudy and cool,
the next hot and sunny.
But we still had a great time.

We did the Zoo, downtown, and ate at the famous Packo's.

I'll share those stories and pics about our trip when I have more time.


  1. Wow! That's a nice park! Glad you guys enjoyed it. :) Is it sad that I've never heard of Packo's? lol

  2. What a beautiful park!

  3. davidz7:19 PM

    That is quite beautiful. Looks like a great time. I fear I've also not heard of Packo's, so at least lori's not alone!