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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

tunnel of trees

Our first day took us on a drive around the bay,
past Harbor Springs, up the coast through the
Tunnel Of Trees . I've posted a few pics here.
It's a narrow winding road along the coastline.
It would be difficult to drive our motor home
on this road. It was barely wide enough for
2 cars to past each other.
But it was a beautiful day,
and a very nice drive.

The other reason for the drive
was to visit Wilderness State Park.
Up on the western tip of the Lower Peninsula. Always looking for
our next possible camping site!

And on the way there, we wanted to stop for lunch in a town called Cross Village. And have lunch at a place
called Legs Inn.

And more about that in my next post.
Now, it's off to work!


  1. I love those places where the trees seem to hug the heck out of one's car. These pics make it look like it was probably pretty hard to even go back home. So beautiful!

  2. Oh I was away so I'm late coming here and saying HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY WAYNE!!! Still sexy as ever! ;)

    Nice pics BTW!

  3. Those roads remind of the mountain roads of Utah!

    And that Legs Inn looks like a beautiful structure