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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday post

Good morning from cold Michigan. Yep, it's currently 31 out and light flurries. (that means SNOW!) And as you can see from the forecast below, it's not looking to get better soon.

This is too damn cold for this time of year! I still have leaves to get up! But hopefully we'll still get some decent weather before winter settles in for good.
Cleaned the Salon this morning as usual on Sunday, then stopped at Panera's to pick up some bread bowls. Craig is making home made Chili today, (yummy!) and we'll serve it in the bread bowls. I was reading in the paper how many gift cards are never redeemed, and remembered I had gotten a Panera gift card for Christmas a couple of years ago, and put it somewhere. So I searched and finally found it. I went on-line to see if it was still good. Typed in the code and discovered I still had $13.56 on it, so we decided I better use it. So with the bread bowls I got a couple loafs of bread. One whole wheat, and one rye. The kid at the register rung it up, took my card, and said I owed 2 cents. I handed him a dollar, he rung that in for 98 cents change. I remembered I had a quarter in my pocket, and said he could take it out of that. He stood there, looking at the quarter, and the till. I could tell he was completely confused, so I quickly said, 'go ahead and take it out of the dollar'. The register told him 98 cents, and apparently he couldn't figure out 2 cents from 25 cents. How do these kids get through school? Anyway, I got 4 bread bowls and 2 loafs of bread for 2 cents! I better dig around and see if I have any more gift cards lying around!


  1. Snow? Again? So soon? It seems just like yesterday that you were posting picture after picture of "another snowfall" in your yard. We're going to be basking in near 60 the entire week. Thinking of you.....

  2. That chili in a bread bowl sounds delicious! VERY delicious!

    We had no snow here this weekend - much rain yesterday and an ungodly powerful and cold wind today.

  3. davidz7:21 PM

    I feel your pain, Wayne...snow here, too :( Isn't winter over yet?!