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Monday, November 17, 2008

ummm Chili!

Good morning from a cold Mid Michigan.
Currently 29 outside. Yesterday we received
about an inch of the nasty white stuff.
And I'm showing you these pics
for the benefit of my southern readers
who I'm sure are delighting in seeing
me suffer.
And since it was sooo nasty out yesterday, I did absolutely
nothing. No housework, nothing. Spend the entire day playing
games on the puter.
Of course poor Craig did
bookwork, laundry, and fixed
another delicious meal.
Do you think I'm spoiled?
And here's a pic of our bread bowls filled with Chili.
This was great Chili! Craig used this seasoning called
Mr Hogg's. I don't remember
where he got it. But it made
the best Chili! It even claims
if you use it, you'll win or
place at every Chili cook off!
It is that good!
And the bread bowls were tasty too!
And he made enough to freeze,
so we can have it again.
Today looks to be about the same as
yesterday, so we'll see if I can get
motivated to do anything.
I'll let you know.......


  1. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Wow, Craig is some of the chili bowl look soooo delicious. He's a real keeper!
    Ken of San Diego.

  2. The snow is beautiful but maybe a little early? Anyway, a great excuse to stay in and do nothing. If we get snow at all, it usually happens in Feb. I'm hoping we get some this year.

  3. It's so hard for me to get motivated to do anything this time of year. It is getting about chili time though!-Randy

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Will have to look for that chili seasoning. Is there a recipe or does Craig make it from scratch?

    It looks really good. :)



  5. We had snow three weeks ago but now it only rains all the time.

    I like chili but it does not like me! O_O