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Sunday, December 07, 2008

brrrrrrrr still....

Good morning from frigid Mid Michigan. And I mean COLD!
It was 15 out this morning as I went to clean the Salon. The high today is suppose to reach all the way to 16! Our normal high should be about 37. We're stuck in a severe cold pattern. So you know what that means,
I'll be in front of the puter most of
today playing. And my current selection
is a game called Spore.
This is a very addictive game.
You start out as a single cell creature,
and evolve. And depending on how you
do that, it changes how you develop.
But for those interested, you can
find everything about it here.
But I've added a few screen
shots to entice you.

And compared to other blogs I've read this morning, this is pretty boring. But that's how life is sometimes. And sometimes, that's good.


  1. 19 degrees, I see! No thanks. I'm happy to stick in the 30-40s all winter. Stay warm!!!

  2. I think your bitter cold is coming our way. As I type the winds are very strong as a more intense arctic pattern moves in.