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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Coke Rewards

Okay, I'm gonna ask for some help. Now it's real easy. We drink Diet Coke, and the Coke people have been running a game with their bottle tops. Inside each top is a code. You go to their web site and accumulate points for prizes! We need only 177 more points for an ink jet printer (a total of about 1760 points!). We have 1583. Mine is like 10 years old. I really need a new one! So, if any of my readers drink Coke and do not use the codes, please e-mail them to me!
And for more info about the program, click coke.


  1. I wish you luck...and I'd help out if I could. We seldom even buy soda...and it's never name brand if we do. I'll bet that you'll have that new printer before you know it!

  2. shoot. I wish you had mentioned it before. I sometimes (maybe once every 2 weeks or so) get a coke at work and the caps just get tossed. I'll save any future ones. Is there a deadline?

  3. Does anyone drink at your salon? You could put up a box. I'd say sixty pop caps is doable within a couple of weeks.

  4. I too, drink lots of diet coke at work... but I also enter them into coke far, I have been playing their drawing contest, but have not won anything yet. Sounds like we are both, hooked on coke.

  5. I'll see if I can scrounge you up some here at work. :-)