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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christrmas Eve

Here it is Christmas Eve.
I had a very busy day at the Salon. And since Craig is fixing dinner, (hamburgers and oven fries) I thought I'd update my day. Got up at my usual 5 am, and did my usual surfing and went out to clean the driveway. We had gotten another 3 inches of that f#$king white stuff. And as I went out, I discovered a large black object in the driveway. It was our mailbox! We live on a road that has a 45 mile per hour speed limit. And the snow plows go by at such a fast speed, they literally blow the mailbox off the post! So I pushed it into the snow bank, hoping we'd still get mail, which we did! And after we got home this afternoon. I fixed it.
Looking forward to tomorrow when we don't do anything!
Hoping all my readers have a wonderful holiday.

Wayne and Craig


  1. davidz9:23 PM

    What a mailbox landed in my driveway sometime overnight, too...and the speed limit on my street is only 25! But I know the plows just zoom through...
    Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas day!

  2. All the best for a great day!

  3. I hope the more permanent fix of your mailbox is fairly simple.