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Saturday, December 27, 2008

my new Tracfone

I recently did a small upgrade to my cell phone.
I've had a Tracfone now for about 5 years.
And the reason for the upgrade, was the
antenna was about to break off, and the
newer phones have the antenna built in.
What I like about Tracfone is there is no
monthly fee, no taxes, and no contract.
You buy the phone and buy the minutes as you need them.
It's a perfect fit for me because I don't
use it much at all. I have it because it's
nice to always be able to be connected
if you need to. And it has come in very handy at times.
And with the Tracfone, I can buy a
1 year card that gives me 450 minutes
for $99. And if I do it on-line,
I can get a bonus 200 more minutes for a total of 650!
That's only a little over $8 a month! And I've never used that many, so they keep rolling over. I now have over 1700 minutes. But you can add minutes during the year if you needed to.
The new phone isn't fancy, no camera
or Internet. But I don't need it for that. But I do like the slim sleekness of it. And it was only $20. And since Tracfone doesn't have it's own towers, I've never, not been able to get a signal.
And I know this sounds like an infomercial, but if something works good and doesn't cost a lot, I like to share that. I can't believe how much some people spend for their phone service!


  1. I probably should have gone with this type of service because I rarely use my minutes, but do find the buggers quite handy when you need them. My wife on the other hand (the "talker") usually exceeds her minutes on a monthly basis.

  2. Wow, Wayne, great info. I too use a phone like you do, and have wanted to find a cheaper service than i am paying right now. I will definitely look into this one. Thanks so much for the info.

  3. Oh God, I am one of those people that spends way too much on their cell phone and service. I used to have tracfone but once I started spending over $35 a month on phone cards, I just went ahead and got a contract. Now a few years later, with all the data usage I'm looking at another "upgrade" to a rate of about $90 a month.

    [sigh] I need help!!!

  4. Funny that you write about this because I too have a Tracfone and I would like to upgrade to a new one that will close. I wasn't sure what the hassle would be to transfer the old phone over. Is it very difficult? I really should buy those higher minute plans. I'm sure it would be more efficient. I hardly ever use my cell phone but I like to have it with me when I'm out.

  5. Happy New Year!
    Cheers from London