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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Made it to Muskegon and back. Had a nice visit with Mom. Muskegon has been buried with snow. Being next to Lake Michigan, it gets a lot of 'lake effect' snow. Must have been nearly a foot just on the car from the last storm. And mountains in the parking lots. They're running out of space to put it! The roads were messy, since it pretty much kept snowing constantly. But I was very careful, made it there and back without mishap. I heard on the news we're having the coldest December on record. Lucky us! And it's not just us. It seems much of the country has been caught in an early winter grip. And we're expecting more snow today and tomorrow.
But anyway, we'll take it easy today, We have a busy day, Christmas Eve, at the Salon. Then a nice quiet Christmas Day, (with Turkey and White Castle stuffing) and back to work for Friday, and Saturday.


  1. Wayne, I sincerely hope you and Craig have a wonderful Christmas. May your day be comfortable, peaceful and cozy. And may the Christmas spirit fill your hearts with the most overwhelming love for each other that you have ever experienced. Merry Christmas—Randy and Jamie

  2. Joseph8:30 AM

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Wayne and Craig! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Best wishes for continued good health and happiness in the new year!

  3. What in the world is White Castle stuffing? I've heard of White Castle...but not the stuffing. Sending you guys nothing but the best of wishes.

  4. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Glad to hear you made it there and back safely. :) I wasn't sure from Mom's email today.

    Merry Christmas!

    I feel for you working the day after, but it sounds like you'll have a very nice Christmas Day. :)



  5. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Wayne and Craig, with all of that snow, I'm sure you are sick of it by now. You have to close the shop so you can make a quick trip to Palm Springs to enjoy the sunshine.

    I'll be out here for a couple of months and will welcome the company. Craig is back home to spend Christmas with his Mom. His Dad passed about 3 weeks ago (almost 90)... and he has a lot of business to take care of.

    The 'other' guest room has your name on it and maybe Derek and John will make it down before their next job.

    Merry Christmas. Mark and Craig

  6. davidz9:11 PM

    Glad you made the trip safely. White Castle stuffing? Sounds delicious! Have a very Merry Christmas!