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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cooking with Craig

Good morning! Today I'm starting a little installment called Cooking with Craig! It seems a lot of readers like Craig's recipes, so I've convinced him to share occasionally. Now Craig is not a gourmet cook by any means. He's a basic meat and potato kind of guy. But he enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. And he always seems to alter the recipes. We try for the most part to eat fairly healthy, and his recipes will show that. So anyway, to start out, here's a new one he did last Sunday. And this is large enough for leftovers, which we are having today!

He discovered this in our local newspaper. And it was delicious! Now what he changed was as follows. Instead of Ricotta Cheese, he used fat free Cottage Cheese. And Eggbeaters instead of a regular egg. Also the fresh Ravioli was too expensive, so he got frozen, and precooked it and cooled it before making the dish. He also added a layer of Cooked onions, black olives, and lean Hot italian Sausage. And also fat free Mozzarella to make it a little cheesier. And did I say, it was delicious?
And thanks to Jamie and Randy for suggesting the Cooking with Craig feature.
And for step by step pics, go here!


  1. I like Craig's modifications! It all sounds very delicious. We may need to try it. (and, yes, count me in as one who will appreciate an occasional "Cooking with Craig" post.)

  2. I do a lot of baking but have been hesitant to try my hand at the meat and potato dishes. I'm going through Martha Stewart's Cooking school to try to learn the basics.

  3. Sounds awesome and healthy which is what we need. Help, I'm getting fat!


  4. Fantastic! Lasagne is one of our staples, and we always make enough to freeze 2/3 of it for later meals. This is a great twist, as the recipe says.