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Thursday, January 29, 2009

it's not a diet

Yep! Still winter! We have reached 54.5 inches of snow so far this season. We are now at our normal season average snow fall with another 6 weeks or so of winter. It's been a long snowy winter!
I wrote in a post earlier about us wanting to lose some of our holiday weight. We went way overboard and ate pretty much everything in sight. Well, now I weigh more than I ever have! I'm looking to lose about 13 lbs. I know, for a lot of people, that's nothing, but to a skinny frame like mine, it is! I took a before pic, And it's not pretty! You don't realize how you look until you actually see a pic of yourself! YUK! So we are eating better, and I'm working out with weights again. And when I get there, I'll post that ugly pic along with my after pic.
And we're not dieting. We're just making better choices food wise, and trying to burn more calories exercise wise.
Now I'm off to work!


  1. Oh pics of yourself are yucky! Maybe you should book a holiday and come and help us in the garden cos I keep eating and eating and I seem to keep on burning it off with all the pulling, chopping and raking and sweeping... I go to bed at night with every part of my body aching.

  2. Oh no, I believe you completely....I'm just about inthe same shape.....just 5-12 pounds over and it's right in my tummy area. Not much, but enough that it needs to go bye bye now. I just read an article that it is 90% what you eat in the kitch, 10% cardio workout, and 1% or less things like situps/crunches/ab work. Careful in the kitchen! As delicious as it always looks...

  3. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Wayne, that's the best way to diet, just change the eating habits a little and exercise. The weight will go off slower but will stay off longer as you get used to the new way of eating (at least that's what they tell me! LOL!).

    Well, I've done just that.... eating better and bought a bicycle. In the last three weeks I've lost 6 lbs with another 9 or 10 to go. Ideally, I would like to lose 20 total but I'd be happy with 15. My goal is to do it by May.

    I love riding my bike as it's conducive to do when it's in the 70's outside in Palm Springs! HA!


  4. I'm having the same problem and the weight is just not coming off! LOL

  5. YAY, more of US out of shape, chubbies running around to compare weight loss tactics. We snack a lot so we're snacking on fruits/veggies.

  6. I think that's the right approach. Eat what you like, but control portions to reduce calorie intake. I like Lewis' formula. It worked for me a couple years ago.