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Monday, January 19, 2009

Life in the Salon.

Good morning! Our weekend is going well. No food pics today.
Craig thinks I post too much about food. So I say, we're not doing mo-ho trips, so I can't post about that, I can't do posts of my gardening, it's buried in 2 feet of snow, we don't do winter, which means no skiing, snowmobiling, or any thing else where I have to be in the cold, So what else is there? That leaves work, which on a day to day is boring, sleeping, which is really boring, Playing on the puter, cleaning house, doing puzzles, (which I can only post so much about), and eating! Which is at least different now and then. But okay, something different............
I've been doing hair for 31 years now, and there's been some interesting times.
1. Worst hair disaster.
A customer came in with a perm over a frost job. The frost was so over processed, the hair turned to mush. You couldn't even get a comb through it. The poor woman was in tears. I conditioned it, and then very carefully sectioned it and razored out the frosted hair. Fortunately, it was a light frost, and her hair was fairly thick, and when I was done, the perm looked great!
2. Most unusual haircut.
A guy on the local high school swim team came in. Swimmers always have short hair, less drag in the pool. This particular year, all the swimmers were getting designs cut into the hair. I did a checkerboard on him.
3. Most unusual request.
A woman comes in every month to have her regrowth bleached. Her hair was a natural brown, but we bleached it blond. During one visit, she asked me if I could color 'all' her hair. I said "I do color all of it", and she said, "I mean 'all' of it". Then the light bulb went off, and I said,"no! We can't do that!" And then she asked if I could give her some so she could do it at home. And I said, "no! Your not listening! that area is sensitive and this is a harsh chemical, it'll burn!" I said "why do you want to color there"? And she said, "I don't want any one to know I'm not a true blond." I'm thinking, How many people are going to see?
4. Most fun hair.
For school spirit, on game days they do a dress theme, such as 50's, dress in school colors, funny shoe day, and such. Well one week it was funny hat day, and one of our receptionists was a student. So we cut a piece of cardboard in a large circle, cut out an inner circle, combed her long hair down evenly all around her head, slipped the cardboard over the top on an angle, and smoothed her hair up over the cardboard and tucked it in, and when we were done it looked like she was wearing a large brimmed hat! It was the hit of the school!
5. Oddest hairstyle request.
A man used to come in on occasion and ask for a shampoo and set. That's where we wash the hair, set it on rollers, dry it, and comb it into a pretty style. It's what we do for most of our older clients. He would say he was in a play and need it to look like that, but after a few years, we just did it and and never said anything about it.

I could go on and on. Bet you never thought about all the stuff that goes on in your Salon, did you!


  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    When have you posted about puzzles? I missed it. :|
    I miss doing puzzles with Granny, too.

    Loved your life in the salon though, haha. Just great!



  2. I think barbers and hair stylists are probably privvy to more intimate information than counsellors and clergy!

  3. Sitting in those chairs is like laying down on a counselor's couch. Out everything comes...I'm amazed at some the things I hear. Even some of the things I say!

  4. Years ago when I was in the modeling field, I saw all sorts of very cool hair designs...I remember one with giant Christmas ornaments with hair wrapped around them. I'm always asking the kid that cuts my hair for his latest and greatest ideas ....I hate to be boring and do the same old thing each time.

  5. More food posts! Yum.
    Feel free to post more hair stories. Those were great.
    In your "all about me" section, the "our salon" link doesn't work.


  6. davidz7:33 PM

    Great stories...give us more!

  7. So if it didn't burn...

  8. But we like the food posts! Or, at least, I do...

  9. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Wayne, that was an excellent post about your hair customers. The guy getting his hair washed and set was funny! You must have done an excellent job as he kept returning over the years!

    We're having fun in Q'site... wonderful group of people.