Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today I'm gonna show you how important it is to do maintenance on your puter.

My computer is about 6 years old. (isn't this a massive tower?) And every year. I do a complete cleaning of it. If you click on the pics, you'll see why.

The vent holes are filled with dust. As are the fans and boards. Using compressed air, I blow all the vents and fans clear of dust.

You can see all the dust on the floor of the tower when I was done. Then a good vacuuming of it and back together as good as new!
Dust accumulation can cause over heating and premature death!
So make sure, once a year, clean your puter! Unless of course you like replacing your puter every few years.
And now that I've got my puter clean, and the Salon cleaned, I need to clean the driveway. Yes, we've gotten more snow! As of yesterday, 48.5 inches so far this season. Our normal season has a total of 54.5. And with over 2 months left of winter, I think we'll surpass that!


  1. Again, good advice to 'puter users!! I hope folks are listening!

  2. davidz7:28 PM

    Many years ago our company IT manager showed me the inside of my pc and gave me a lecture about cleaning your computer...ever since I faithfully clean my home pc at least once a year. Very good advice.

  3. Yeah, good advice. God knows I want to keep my same computer for many years. Ya know, the one that's outdated every year? Not cleaning it gives me a good excuse with the hubby of why I need a new one/upgrade.

    I get lectured alot from my computer-building-geek friend. He looks at me in disgust.


  4. Thanks for the reminder! I think I've only cleaned my twice in the four years I've had it. Naughty, I know.

  5. 48.5 inches of snow??? that is quite a bit. We here in merry old england (at least where I am) have only had maybe 2 inches. I guess that lake effect and canadian air make quite a difference.


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