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Saturday, January 17, 2009

ummmmmm, foooood

I don't often do a Saturday post, but I got out of work fairly early yesterday. We have hit our usual winter slow down. A lot of our customers have gone south for the winter. And we've also been experiencing the economic slow down. We work near the Lansing Mall, and I'm beginning to wonder if the entire mall might close. Besides losing one of the 4 anchor stores, there are numerous empty store fronts. And in our strip mall, out of 21 store fronts, we have 11 empty. I wonder how much worst things will get before it starts to turn around.
Any who, since I had some extra time, I decided to whip up a little beef stir fry for dinner. Here's the freshly sliced ingredients ready to saute. And of course, we need a little vino to enjoy during the process. And served over a bed of brown rice. We are always picking up various marinades were ever we go, so as to have a selection depending on what we decide to cook. For this dish, I used a spicy Hawaiian sauce. Just enough bite to make it interesting! And as you'll notice, I did the cooking for a change instead of Craig. He doesn't do stirfrys. He says he can't judge how much time everything takes. So I get the job. I generally don't like cooking.
It seems like a lot of work for the results, but I'll cook occasionally. Mainly because I love to eat!

Well that's it for now, I'm off for my last day of work this week. And yes, it's still cold!


  1. Mmmmmmm. That looks delicious, difinitely a job well done. I feel the same way you do about cooking. Oddly enough I'm cooking tonight for Jamie and a couple of friends. That make twice in about a year. :-)

  2. Oh does that look good!

  3. That looks yummy. My RV would sure look great docked to your kitchen.


  4. Stir-fry, rice--it's a staple with my family. Asians. One of the things I learned at college was that stir-fry wasn't for everyone. Kinda like how Chinese food from the cafeteria wasn't for me. I think, though, that homemade is definitely better than most Chinese places. Try Rice Kitchen on Grand River if you don't believe me. :0)

  5. looks like it was great

  6. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I love stir-fry but it never works out for me, either!