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Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Thursday

Sorry for the lack of posts, but it's winter here, I work, and life's a bit of a bore right now. I've started puzzle #6, another difficult one. And yesterday, had to eat dinner early, and no evening cocktails. This morning I'm having blood tests for my yearly physical. And no eating or drinking 12 hours before. I never had a 'family' doctor before, but every since I started on blood pressure meds, the doctor I see for those now wants a yearly physical. So a couple of months before my 'tests', I try to eat real good and exercise to have better results. I know, I shouldn't change my regular habits, for tests, but that's how I am. And besides, Craig and I are trying to lose a little weight, so it's a 2 fer reason. And as a reward for being so good, this weekend we're eating out! Ummmm Smokey Bones ribs sound good, don't they?


  1. Jamie and I eat out entirely too much! We need to start doing it as a reward too. :-)

  2. Tell Craig to make me a birthday cake today, would you please???

  3. But I was always taught to study for my tests. How is this different? ;)