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Thursday, February 12, 2009

winter cleaning

With business being on the slow side this time of year, I always take this opportunity to catch up on some extra cleaning. As you can see in this pic, our Salon has an open ceiling. We left the grid work in place to support the lighting, but there are no ceiling tiles in it. The space above the grid was painted black, including all the wiring, duct work, etc. The grid we painted purple, by hand, over a total period of 32 hours. The reason for the open ceiling is it gives our small Salon a more spacious feel to it, and helps to dissipate a lot of the fumes. (from perms and color)
Well, it tends to get dusty up there, as with any place, so once a year I get the ladder out and one by one, clean all the grid. I usually go in an hour early and do some each day over a 2 week period. I also have a telescoping duster that I use above the grid on all the duct work and plumbing.

I also use this extra time to clean out cabinets, throw out stuff that's been sitting around too long, clean out the fridge in the staff lounge, and things like that. Helps to keep our 12 year old Salon looking neat and fresh!


  1. Your shop looks REALLY nice.....
    Ken of San Diego

  2. Whenever you've posted pics of your shop before, I've always been impressed with how good it looks.

  3. It does look nice. Maybe you need to add a live webcam feed. :-)


  4. davidz7:47 PM

    What a cool idea. I agree with Lemuel, it always looks great!

  5. you're a one-man Tabatha Coffey!

  6. Beautiful. You must have a lot of patience to be able to do puzzles and that kind of cleaning. But I'm sure there's great satisfaction when it's done.