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Monday, March 16, 2009


Greetings from a warm Mid Michigan! It's currently 62 out! And I've taken this bout of warm weather to clean and seal the mo-ho roof. And here's a few pics of the progress. It wasn't very dirty, but I've done this every year since we bought it, and each year it seems easier. But we've loved the warm spell. And this is Michigan, so next week could bring us a snow storm. That's Michigan in March. So we take advantage of what ever nice weather we can get. Tomorrow is suppose to be 68, so I got the grill out and we'll have barbecued chicken and grilled marinated zucchini. I love cooking on the grill!


  1. And if anyone deserves a good bout of weather with the BBQ going, it's you guys.

  2. It's such a great feeling to get outdoors and get something accomplished! And a bbq, too!