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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wayne got ran over by a reindeer!

Well, not a reindeer, but a real deer! I was working on the mo-ho in the driveway. We live on a very busy street. We have a large business that sells windows, doors, siding, etc, next door to us, and a golf course across the street. I had just finished washing the front of the mo-ho, and went over in front of the truck to dump the soapy water in the gravel. Just as I was leaning over and dumping the water, I hear something russeling in the leaves. I look up and right there between the truck and fence is a deer going full tilt towards me! I barely had time to stand up and lean back as it shot past me down the side of the garage and into the back yard! Craig is on the other side of the mo-ho, hears me scream, SH#T! Comes over to see what was going on I point and yell, A Deer! And as he looks, it shoots through the evergreens across the back of the yard and is gone. Now where the hell did it come from at 2 in the afternoon? It was a beautiful 66 out and the golf course was busy with people, The business next door has 8 ft fences, and we live on a very busy road.
But anyway, if I hadn't moved, I'd been trampled! That's the closest I ever want to get to deer going full tilt!

And in other news, Like I said, it was a beautiful day! The warmest it's been since last October! And we took full advantage of it because today it's gone. Colder weather with rain and possibly snow later this week. But that's March, a little bit of everything.
So yesterday's job was to wash and wax the caps on the mo-ho. The caps are a curved piece of metal that connects the rubber roof to the sides. This is the worst area for streaking. One good waxing at the start of the season, makes cleaning the rest of the year easier.

I also trimmed back some shrubs, and Craig put our new State Park stickers on the car and mo-ho. Then it was barbecued chicken and marinated zucchini on the grill.
It was a perfect day! (well, except for the damn deer!)


  1. davidz6:41 AM

    You are the only person i know to have a near miss with a deer while standing in your driveway! lol

  2. I have always thought that deer were among the most beautiful and graceful animals, but they are also swift and strong! You were wise to get out of the way (and lucky to be able to do so).

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    That song, "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" keeps going over and over in my head... hee hee!


  4. in the cat blogosphere, they don't call 'em vishus deers for nothin' !!!

  5. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Wow. Glad you weren't hurt!


  6. I've had a collision with a car and a deer...but never my own body! Good thing nothing was poking out to slow the deer down!

  7. Well, I'm glad you saw it in time!

  8. Oh, deer.

    We, too, had the warmest day of the year since last fall yesterday. And we're halfway around the world! Well, maybe not technically halfway.

  9. Where's your inner hunter? You should have wrestled it down to the ground and made a fine meal for Cooking With Craig. LOL Would you believe we don't have a single Siberian? I don't know why... they're gaw-g-usssss. We need to get some.--Randy

  10. OH DEAR...close call! So where are the pictures? Did it have a red nose and a fat old man with a beard, chasing it?
    Glad you are OK...
    Ken from San Diego