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Sunday, March 01, 2009

I spy a stye in my eye

Greetings from a bitter cold mid Michigan. A whopping 13 degrees out! No it's not spring here yet!
But here's another pic of the grid at the Salon. I've got it all cleaned now, and I'm working on dusting all the stuff above the grid.
We backed the mo-ho out of it's storage spot and turned it around. Tuesday morning I take it in to have a recall fixed. Apparently there is a potential problem with the gas service to the refrigerator. Can you believe it's a 2002, and getting a recall.
The snow for the time being has all melted with the last mini warm spell we had, so we decided now would be a good time to get this taken care of before spring arrives and they get busy. Or before we get more snow, and I can't get it out.

Also, tomorrow morning I get to go to another doctor. When I had my physical, my doctor said my eye thingy was going on too long and wanted an Opthamologist to look at it. He thinks it's a stye, but I've had it too long.
Well, that's all I got for now!


  1. Hmmmmmmmm, That looks painful. Better have it checked out.

  2. Thanks for sending us some of your snow! :)

    Get that eye checked!