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Thursday, March 05, 2009

pre spring cleaning done!

I can't call it spring cleaning, because it's not spring here, yet. But when spring does arrive I'll be out side, so that's why I cleaned this when I did. It's taken several weeks, but I finally got all the grid cleaned and everything above the grid cleaned. Now you know why I only do this once a year! I finished up yesterday morning. Went in at 8am cleaned till about 9:30. My first customer was at 10, and I left for home at 6:30. A long day. Today my first customer is at 8am, and my last one is 6pm with only 2 small breaks during the day, so another long one. But Friday and Saturday are only 7:30 to about 3, so I'll end the week easy.
Oh, and speaking of spring, it looks like we may be seeing some. Today it'll be into the 40's, and the highs will stay there for the next 7 - 10 day's before dropping back into the 30's. But it looks like the day time temps will start staying above freezing, so spring won't be far behind!


  1. I'm happy for you Wayne! Now I want to see some good shots of your fabulous garden this spring!

  2. Spring or pre-spring, I am so sick of winter that I will take anything with the word spring in it!

  3. A job well done! Spring's just a couple weeks away!