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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Columbus, day 1

Columbus, day 1.
With just the best weather for an April trip, (Instead of the normal mid 60's it was mid 80's all weekend!) we made the most of it. Columbus is a much larger city than I expected. Our campground, Alum Creek State Park, was nearly 30 min from downtown, but just outside the park was urban sprawl. We spent the first day, downtown. We started with German Village, just south of downtown.
It's quite a large neighborhood of rehabbed 1880's small brick homes with cobble stone streets, and brick sidewalks. The are no front yards, the homes come right to the sidewalks, and very few driveways. But there were lot's of younger people everywhere, and the area is very close to downtown.
I personally would tear out all the brick sidewalks. They don't look that good, and could be dangerous to walk on. But I guess that's part of the uniqueness of the area.
Then we moved on to the Brewery District. There is no 'brewing' going on here, rather one of their big sports stadiums with rehabbed old warehouses and such with many bars and restaurants. And then downtown with it's large convention center, and a very odd looking Capitol, which they call a State House.
And just north of that is an area called 'short north'.
An 8-10 block area with many shops, restaurants, and bars. This is were we had lunch at a place called the Union Cafe. It had a very nice street side patio and the sandwiches were very good. After wandering around a bit, it was time to head back to the campground where we wandered around, checking out the lake and such. And being such a beautiful weekend, quite a few campers showed up.

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