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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


First off, Hi!
Yes, we've returned from our first trip. Safe. We did have a few issues, but they were fairly easily resolved.

Our trip to Columbus was exhausting. Very windy. With gust up to 40mph. At one point, our patio awning got lifted up on it's supports from the buffeting winds, and the rear section came loose and tried to open up. We had to make a quick emergency stop on the side of the highway. Not able to re latch, got out the handy duct tape for a quick fix and we were on our way. Wind is the worst thing to drive through when your in a big box! Then upon arrival to our campsite, the drivers side rear jack would not come down. We've had issues with this one since we bought the mo-ho. Finally, after lowering and raising it a few times, it finally came down. I think we need to do some serious re greasing. And once again, it appears our tv antenna booster isn't working. We could get all of 6 stations. And back in Lansing when I checked a few weeks ago, I could get nearly 20. Good thing we brought a bunch of DVDs. We've come to learn there's always some issue with our travels. These are all fairly minor, and fixable.Our campsite was spacious, with full hookup. And as we've learned, Ohio State Parks have the most spacious campsites. Although our 'level' pad wasn't. Needed to put wood under the front wheels and jacks. I guess it might have been 'level' for a 20 footer, but not a 35 footer. And as I've found out with most state parks. If they say they have wi-fi, don't plan on it. I either couldn't get a signal, or couldn't connect. And the office people never have a clue.
I'll do another post tomorrow morning when I have more time, and also a link to all the pics for those who might be interested.


  1. I cannot believe that it's already time for YET ANOTHER season of mo-ho living. And after the winter you'v e had, I'll bet you're glad for it!

  2. davidz7:51 PM

    Glad to hear you had a safe trip.

  3. Looking forward to pix!

  4. Look forward to seeing the photo's Wayne...And well Lewis with his pants down too.but you can ask him about that..*chuckles*

  5. Anonymous6:38 AM

    When they say that, they often mean up at the office the internet works fine.

    Oh well, you guys don't go for the internet.
    Glad you had a safe trip!



  6. Glad it was safe trip...hoping all your rv related problems are minor...always something going wrong with these things.

    Ken of Tampa

  7. I lived most of my 20s in Columbus. Your trip makes me homesick.