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Monday, April 13, 2009

digging and dividing

Good morning!
Yesterday turned out Sunny and cool. Temps hit 50. I spent a good chunk of the day digging and dividing Daylillies. I managed to pot up 35 of them. 8 different varieties. To see what the flowers look like, I've created a Plant sale Album. I'll upload as I divide. And of course, they aren't in bloom yet. The pics are from my Daylily Album.
Craig sorted out my plant tags from last years sale and did book work and laundry.
I also cleaned out more stuff from the pond and got the pump going. It amazes me the pump can sit in the water year after year, even through being frozen with our pond only 18 inches deep, and still runs.
And for our Easter dinner, Craig cooked a ham and we had that with Scalloped Potatoes, and broccoli wit cheesy hollandaise sauce.


  1. You didn't see any deer charging you in the face while you were out in the yard, did you?

  2. What a great selection of Daylilies!