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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If it's broke, fix it

Despite the cloudy c-o-l-d day yesterday, with a high of only 49 and a cold breeze from the north east, we bundled up and did an out door project. One of the split rail posts had broken last fall, and we kinda jimmied it to make it through the winter. Well we decided to replace it along with the post on the other side of the driveway before it also rotted through. This fence has been there around 20 years, so it's done very well. But we get a lot of water from the road down the sides of the driveway, so these end posts get the brunt of it. The second pic shows them both replaced. It went easier than expected, and we were back inside our warm house fairly quick.
So, despite our cool than normal Spring, we've got a good deal of out door stuff done.
We spent the rest of the day putting our shopping list together for Sams Club. We get most of the Salon's basics there. We also surfed the net looking and daydreaming about motor homes we'll never be able to afford, like this little beauty here! But just like new homes, it's fun to look! We also put together are itenerary for our trip to Columbus, Ohio. And Craig made Turkey Burgers for dinner with oven fries.


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Hey Wayne and Craig, that is a beautiful coach! I love the huge window on the passenger side!

    Life is short, buy the coach! :o)

    Mark and Craig

  2. Anonymous4:16 AM

    That sure is a fabulous coach....and too, do a lot of daydreaming and surfing for newer RV's, constantly...just in case I hit the lottery.
    Ken(soon to be, Tampa, Fl)