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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes I watch American Idol

Well, yesterday was a total wash out. It rained a-l-l day. No thunderstorms, just a steady light rain a-l-l day. Soooo after hitting Sam's Club for Salon supplies, we cleaned house, boiled the left over ham bone for broth, checked out more possible campgrounds for future trips, and played on our puters. For dinner, we had baked Chicken with Hawaiian sauce, mashed potatoes, and Marinated Broiled Zucchini. Yummy!
And of course, I watched American Idol. Adam has one of the best voices, but I think he picks songs where he screams too much. I'm still rooting for Kris, but he needs to pick better songs.
Who do you think will go home tonight?


  1. I haven't had time to keep up with Idol the last few weeks. I'm a fan of Adam, and I actually liked what he did with Ring of Fire. It reminded me a little of Knights in White Satin for some reason.

  2. I'm predicting Matt. I think Adam is amazing although I don't always like his song selections. I don't understand the big to-do about Danny. Kris is cute as a button!

  3. Matt, Kris, or Lil are going bye-bye tonight. I'm totally digging a duo-win by Adam and Allison. They could call it the A&A American Idol winners.

  4. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I don't watch it. haha.
    We've got a little under 30 days before we head down to Louisiana again and stop off to see Bob.