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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It was a good run

The picture says it all. Our Spartans were no match for the very talented Wildcats. But we had a good run. Beat a lot of teams the critics thought we'd lose to. And on the bright side, we are losing just 3 seniors, so we'll have a good core coming back, with some great recruits. I went to bed at half time, with the score 55- 36 but poor Craig stayed up and watched it all.
And in other news,
Since the yard was covered in snow yesterday, I spent a lot of time on the puter downloading things to see and do in Columbus, Ohio. Where we are going in just a few weeks on our first trip of the season. We also ordered a few 'camping' items. Some more klippy klips for hanging lights on our awning, a couple of Coil-n-Wrap Hose Straps, and some Coil-n-Wrap Plug Dogs. And we also ordered a Winegard Wingman. It attaches to the antenna. It's suppose to help increase our UHF signals, and has had some good reviews. We ordered them from our local RV center because they e-mailed me a 10% off coupon. So it ended up being cheaper than camping world! And no shipping!
And today, with the snow still hanging around, I going to clean the inside of the mo-ho. Even sitting all winter closed up, it still gets dusty.
And apparently the water I'm getting on the dash of the mo-ho, isn't from the windshield. When the mo-ho was sitting in the driveway, and it rained, there was a puddle near the passenger side. And now that it's parked over on the gravel, the puddle is now more on the drivers side. So I'm thinking it must be coming in from the roof, and running to the front. I've already caulked most of the roof line where the rubber roof meets the edge, so I'm gonna get back up there when it's warm enough and caulk some more. But I must be making some progress. We were getting a number of leaks along the front. I spent last year caulking all along the windshield, and roof line. And now it looks like just one. So wish me luck!


  1. I saw the news this morning (I do not follow basketball), and I thought of you immediately. I am very sorry that your team did not make it all the way, but the team has nothing to be ashamed of!! What an accomplishment to go as far as they did!

  2. davidz7:20 PM

    good luck - finding and fixing water leaks can be a real bitch!

  3. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Good luck with the leak. Don't remember how the moho's roof looks, but maybe there's a leak around the skylight or the A/C.