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Monday, April 06, 2009


Now this just ain't right! This is April, and I don't want to see this!
Woke up to all this crap! And I know we can get the occasional snow in April, but we've had way too much this year. I'm sooo over it! But at least it'll melt in a couple of days. .....I hope!
So we didn't do much today. Craig did more laundry, and I surfed the net for our next motor home, (I wish!) And did some research for our first mo-ho trip to Columbus Ohio.
My exciting moment of the day was rejuvenating my tennis shoes. Now you know we're pretty boring when I post about shoes, but that's life! Cleaned them up and put new shoe strings on them. Should be good for another year. Here's the shoes with one done and one not. Can you tell the difference?
And to answer my blog comments from my last post.......
You really should try college sports. Craig got me hooked on them after we got together. Amazing talent, and not bad to look at either!
Buy me a ticket to France, And I'd be hapy to do your garage!
no way.
Sorry Lem, aint gonna happen!


  1. NO NO NO! I was at the nude beach was 77 degrees. This simply cannot be happening.

  2. davidz7:20 PM

    i feared that would be your answer - damn!
    at least the farging snow stayed away from us...looks like you got our share!

  3. Seriously, where's SPRING?

  4. Awe Wayne..I cannot say I feel for you when I would love to have it snow here for a few months of the year....*winks*

  5. Darn! ...and you even rejuvenate shoes! I could keep you *so* busy around here! ;) [LOL!]