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Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol and stuff

Kris did it! He won American Idol! I really think Adam has a stronger voice, but Kris is just more over all likeable. And remember, it's not about talent, it's basically a popularity contest. And I thought Danny's voters would probably swing to Kris over Adam. But no matter who one, I think they both have a good music future.
And now onto other things.
I'm now spending an hour or so in the yard in the morning before work, trying to get all the flower beds weed free. I could have used Preen last fall, and early this Spring to help, but a lot of perennials self seed, and with my plant sales, I need all the plants I can get.
We're staying home for the holiday weekend. We hope to get the driveway sealed, and the deck re stained. Windows washed, and screens put back in. Pretty much all the spring to do stuff, so we can play the rest of summer.
And some more currently blooming flowers......
Above is an Azalea, and below, a type of Ranunculus.

And although my bearded Iris aren't yet blooming, this miniture one is.
And now, back out in the yard before work!


  1. Yay! We get to see some of your flowers blooming! Keep them coming!

  2. My time at Idol has run out, I'm afraid. The whole season just bored me.....and I really didn't like last night's show much at all. As for Kris, he's good...but really generic and boring....cute and all of that...Ugh. No more AI for me.

  3. This is the last season I'm watching Idol. The voting system is flawed and it basically boils down to who the teeny-boppers want to win. I'm over it!

  4. Lovin' the garden pics! I wish I had your get-up-and-go... Still many spring chores to do around here. Like windows... yuck.

  5. Thanks for sharing the flowers as we will start looking at winter here shortly in the land down under and everything in our yard is starting to go to sleep so not many flowers blooming but our rhododendron and camellia bush will be in full bloom in the coming weeks so it make winter not so bad. It's weird that they bloom in winter but I'm not going to complain/ Enjoy your flowers it looks like you have worked hard to get them.