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Friday, May 22, 2009

Tree Peonies

One of my favorite garden plants are Tree Peonies. Not only do they have gorgeous flowers, but they make a beautiful bush. Unlike herbaceous peonies that die back to the ground each year, Tree Peonies die back to a woody stalk that ever so slowly gets larger every year. I've seen some Tree Peonies get nearly 6 ft tall. And the flowers are larger and come in shades not seen in herbaceous peonies. Okay, that's your Botany lesson for today. Now on with the pics.

I have 3 blooming right now. And I have a total of 8 Tree Peonies.

This last one is gorgeous! I love how it goes from a purplish pink in the center, to nearly white on the edges. We got this one from a co-worker. She had it in her front yard, and didn't want it. Can you imagine? It was quite large, about 4 feet across. It had a massive number of woody stalks. I didn't know if it could be transplanted that large. I dug as large of a root ball as I could. Tree peonies are not easy to move once established, and as careful as I was, I thought we'd lost it. Most of it died that summer, but part of it came back the next year, and this is what it looks like now after about 6 years.

If you've got the time, Tree Peonies are a great addition to the garden. I'll post the others as they bloom.


  1. Joseph10:17 AM

    I have never heard of tree peonies before. They are very beautiful! Good luck with your plant sale!

  2. We planted three of them in front of our last house.... they never did do too much.... the green foilage grew, and just a few flowers. We drove by yesterday....saw no flowers....lots of growth. Peonies (tree or otherwise) are on my top THREE!

  3. I, too, have never heard of the tree variety. Cool. I have a couple of the standard herbaceous variety, some of which it's time to divide...

  4. Those are gorgeous! I'm glad you referred us back a couple of posts, I missed them!--Randy