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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the weekend recap

And a good morning! And now for a weekend recap. We took the mo-ho to Muskegon after work on Saturday, for the weekend for Mother's Day. Spent 2 nights at Muskegon State Park. On Sunday, took Mom to Applebee's, where we were joined by my youngest brother Bruce, and his lovely wife Laurie, and their adorable son Ben who live in the Grand Rapids area. And I just never seem to think about taking pictures! I've got to try harder. After a delicious lunch, we headed over to the VFW for drinks and conversation. We arrived back home Monday late morning. While Craig did laundry, bookwork, and meal preparation, I gave the mo-ho a good thorough inside cleaning, dug, divided, and potted up more plants, (I'm now at 285) and cut back some rose bushes. And did a little weeding.
And of course, spent an hour last night on the phone voting for Kris on American Idol!
And now for a couple of garden pics......
Although the Daffodils are done blooming, and the Tulips are close, here's some pretty little double Jonquils, I think, that have just come into bloom.
And this is one of my 4 Japanese Maples that are fully leafed now.
This one is a Red Weeping Thread Leaf. My favorite!
More flower pics when I have time, but now I'm off to work!

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